Radogost, slavi metal band from Poland, was formed in 2006 by a guitarist Mussi (Łukasz Muschiol, the creator of the Immemoratus Project), who decided to take the role of the lead singer, and a drummer Łukasz Goszyk. Both musicians had known each other from a metal band, but this time they decided to break the standard conception of metal music by incorporating folk motifs. That’s why Thifall (Jan Musioł), a violin-player, joined the group.

Although the band’s initial concern was to record music and post it on the Internet, occasions to perform live occurred soon. Thanks to this, a bassist – Adam Gluza joined, and the group started to give concerts. This time, the band really hit the bull’s-eye, and their concerts met with massive enthusiasm. Countless questions about the first longplay motivated the group to record the album Two Hectares of a Living Forest [„Dwa hektary żywego lasu”]. After its publishing in 2006, the group was joined by another musician – a guitarist, Marian Kolondra.

Between 2006 and 2008, there were two changes in the band. Adam Gluza left and his place was taken by Andrzej Spyra, who was later substituted by Bartłomiej Tabak. The group gave quite a lot of concerts then. Radogost performed with such bands as Alkonost, Butterfly Temple and a Russian group Arkona. Numerous concerts were given abroad, namely in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2008, the second album named In the Great Oak Tree Shadow ["W cieniu wielkiego dębu"] was recorded. The video-clip to The Song of Czantoria Knight ["Pieśń o rycerzu z Czantorii"], a piece from the previous album, was produced by TVP Katowice also in 2008.

The year 2009 brought Radogost big troubles. Marian Kolondra left and Bartłomiej Tabak, who had played bass so far, took his place. The position of bassist was given to Szymon Kaczmarek. However, it soon turned out that not everybody shares the same ideas about the band’s future. The increasing conflict caused the band to suspend their activity and had its final in Łukasz Goszyk, Bartłomiej Tabak and Szymon Kaczmarek leaving the team.

In spite of the difficulties, the two remaining members of the band decided to give Radogost one more chance. Then, in the beginning of 2010 Marian Kolondra rejoined, and Talar (Marcin Tatar) sat ta the drums. Although the group managed to find a better place for rehearsals, the team still lacked the bassist. Finally this role was given to Rafał Bujok.

Then, Mussi decided to give up the vocal and concentrate more on the guitar. Bawling one’s head off was entrusted to an experienced vocalist and a former front man of the band Goddess of Sin – Velesar (Marcin Wieczorek). Velesar also started to write lyrics. And there they were – the new Radogost squad – ready to enter the year 2011.

August 17, 2012, the group released a new album „Dark Side of the Forest”, promoted by a music video for the song „Watra”. The band is currently touring in Poland and abroad.



Marcin „Talar” Tatar

Łukasz „Mussi” Muschiol
lead guitar, backing vocal

Jan „Thifall” Musioł

Marian Kolondra
rhythm guitar

Rafał „Troll” Bujok



- Adam Gluza

- Andrzej Spyra

- Łukasz „Goszki” Goszyk

- Bartłomiej Tabak

- Szymon Kaczmarek

- Marcin „Velesar” Wieczorek



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